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Young Entrepreneurs are Welcome, PSEB Incubators Program schedules its first pitch session in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

PSEB will be officially launching its Incubators program at TieCon2011 Islamabad to be held on the 30th of April. Companies will be able to apply for this program at the TieCon. PSEB is encouraging young entrepreneurs and companies to visit PSEB incubators program web page to find more details of the program.

To be considered for the program, you must go through a 2 stage evaluation process in front of a panel of judges. In the first step called the “Gong Session” you will make a 5 minute verbal presentation to PSEB panel of judges highlighting the core of your idea.  Focus will be on describing the core elements of your ideas and any people, businesses or entities who would want to use your product or service (your target market). It is advised that your practice your pitch and measure your presentation time. Presenter will not be allowed to continue after their 5 minute time is up. Only one presenter from each team will make the entire 5 minute presentation.

If you qualify after the “Gong Session” stage, you will be invited to make a more “detailed presentation”, 30 minutes in length to PSEB panel of judges. PSEB will publish guidelines to prepare this 30 minute   detailed presentation later.

The first “Gong Session” in Islamabad is scheduled for April 30th at TieCon Islamabad to be held at the convention center.

The first “Gong Session” in Karachi is scheduled for May 3rd; venue to be announced later.

The first “Gong Session” in Lahore is scheduled for May 7th; venue to be announced later.

To apply for any of the Gong Sessions, please send an e-mail to with the following details:

Your Name (s):  include names of all members of your team
Name of your company (or product idea):
Contact Phone No:

We will respond back by giving you an approximate time for your pitch. The cut off time to apply is 6 pm the day before the Gong Session in each of the three cities.

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